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The winter sun in the Ebro Delta

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We understand winter as a sad season, melancholic and cold, but we do not know the wonders that can be hidden in the middle of those four months. We are in the south of Catalonia in the middle of a natural paradise called Delta del Ebro. Embraced … Read More

The summer we will never forget

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After such an uncertain year we would like to take stock of how our summer season has been. It is clear that we did not have all of them and this is shared by all of us who are dedicated to the tourism sector, but … Read More

Pirates and corsairs in the Ebro Delta

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We go back in time to the 16th century, a time when the Delta did not have the shape of an arrow that it currently has. The tip of the Fangar was not defined, the tip of the Banya … Read More

Isla de Gracia and Sapiña Island

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Grace Island, the second largest in the Delta after Buddha, It is a surface 130 hectares devoted to farming, mostly citrus. It is privately owned but that does not prevent us from exploring its contours and … Read More