10 years from Riu to the Ebro

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The river Ebro meets 10 years old!

We would never have imagined that an idea thrown into the air would come out of a project that this year will celebrate its first decade. We have overcome many obstacles to get here, many hours of work and effort, bad seasons, unexpected situations, the pandemic … But we have never allowed ourselves to throw in the towel. we keep holding her, more subject than ever to move it to the air and explain everything we are preparing to celebrate our anniversary.

first of all,, we have designed a new corporate logo that we present to you along with a very special song, the song of Riu a l'Ebre. We could not leave such an intimate thing in the hands of just anyone, so it is written and sung neither more nor less than by Pepet and Marieta. This group born in Terres de l’Ebre is characterized by its close character, cheeky and funny, traits with which we fully identify. This has been possible by participating in the crowdfunding with which we contribute to the release of his new album “Fly”. as detail, we have produced a song made to measure that the truth, he has stolen our hearts.

new officeWe continue with more surprises, one that will be very visible is ours New office. You know how we like to be near the river and that we are so lucky that we work in front, so we have installed it in the same place where we have our small warehouse. From now on we already have all the facilities on the front line and there you will find us working with all the members of the team, and our mascot Delta of course.

And last, but for nothing less important we have to talk about what we like the most, the celebration. About to start the high season, we have decided to leave you with honey in your mouth and wait for us at the end of summer. Such an important moment needs to be shared with all the people who, directly or indirectly, have made our journey possible. We will give more details as the months go by., don't be impatient, If there is one thing we do not let go of in this company, it is the opportunities to put together tables and chairs..

Thank you very much for making such a beautiful project possible., thanks for making Riu a l’Ebre grow. we keep adding, always forward.


Erika Valero