The BagBike

At Riu a l'Ebre we care about the environment and our surroundings. Annually, we change around 300 bicycle inner tubes and for a long time we have been thinking how to give a second chance to this butyl rubber, so difficult to recycle..

The result is the BagBike, a useful and versatile bag, perfect for bikes and entirely made of punctured inner tubes.


The project

This project is part of our philosophy of life and sustainability concept; we are conscious and act under the premise of using resources intelligently and effectively, minimizing consumption and the footprint we leave on our planet.

We act locally to contribute globally.

How are our BagBike?

The bags have a nice inner lining; two straps on the back to be attached to the bike handlebar and a longer and removable strap to carry it on your shoulder.

Its durability, as well as the impermeability of the material make the BagBike an article of maximum resistance, suitable to take wherever you want.

Buy BagBike

We have developed a single model with two measures:
Big 24cm wide x 17cm high x 6cm deep and small 22cm wide x 10cm high x 6cm deep.
These measurements are approximate since each Bagbike is unique and unrepeatable.

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