Terms and conditions

Legal capacity to contract

The user declares that he is of age (greater than 18 years old) and it has the necessary legal capacity to contract the services offered by Mª José Vergés Ferrando (Riu a l'Ebre), stating that accepts the connection of this agreement and understand and fully accept the conditions here announced for the use of the website and the services offered.

Mª José Vergés (Riu a l'Ebre) is not responsible for the accuracy of the data provided by the user and, therefore, You can not verify the age of them.


The booking will be considered once the total amount of the activity has been satisfied.

Way to pay: Payment shall be paid into the account number: CaixaBank ES70 2100 6228 5402 0009 7941 whose owner Jose Maria Ferrando Verges (operating under the trade name RIU A L'EBRE).


You must send proof of payment to the following address booking@riualebre.com.


The customer can cancel your reservation up 48 hours before the service for cause (disease, accident, death, dismissal, subpoena). The refund will be made the day 1 the following month with a penalty of 25% in management expenses.


Responsible customer group responsible for that all participants are aware of the service (schedules, Location, difficulty level, physicals conditions, cancellation fees and general conditions of service…) as they are written in the information sheet that is provided, there being no possibility of return or refund the same day.

Customer responsible, Upon payment of the reservation, You undertake to make payment of the full.

Business hours: The client, from the moment you hire the services, knows and accepts the obligation to scrupulously comply times. The meeting time will always 10 minutes before the start time. Should any participant arrived with 15 minutes late, This would automatically forfeit all rights to the service.

Given that delays entail additional costs on equipment, vehicles and technical fees, RIU A L'EBRE the right to apply a plus in the event that the client manifest telephone his wish that the monitor wait to perform the activity be reserved.

The company is not liable for loss or damage of personal effects. Only be carried strictly necessary material listed in each of the activities.

Rain and bad weather, depending on the intensity, They may be inconvenient to carry out our services, suspended if they deem it appropriate technical, in that case a change of date or proposed activity, not being obliged to make refunds because these conditions beyond the control of RIU A L'EBRE weather conditions.

The activity does not include travel from accommodation to the start of the activity, the movement will have to be made with the vehicles of customers.

These contractual conditions are mandatory services and client, from the moment you make payment, recognizes and accepts, as well as the group leader assumes that all his classmates have read the booking conditions.