Guided bike route: The fishing heart of Delta


This guided bike route, it will allow us to discover the most magical natural environments of the left hemidelta of the Ebro delta. …

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Guided bike route

This bike route will allow us to discover the most magical and natural environments of the northern hemidelta. We will depart from Riu a l’Ebre facilities, where we will take the river walk to the right until we reach the bridge "Lo Passador", where we will go up the ramp and continue all straight on Girona Street. At the end of the street we will cross the road and a small bridge that crosses the canal. After several turns, we will arrive at the "Elevació Florença", where the drainage starts . We will take the path at our left and will head to the pumping station of the shellfish port "Illa de Mar", an old port with more than a century of tradition that is located at the Fangar Bay.

At this point we will enjoy a beautiful 360º panorama in which we will be able to observe the green filter lagoon, the fishing village of L'Ampolla, the mussel farms in the middle of the bay and the peculiar red and white lighthouse of the Fangar dune peninsula. Then we will go to the right bordering the bay, a fantastic place to observe all kinds of birds: marsh harriers, flamingos, herons, seagulls, …

We will turn right again and we will see an old fireworks launch house, a small booth that was used to store the petards that were launched to the clouds to prevent hail storms. Then, we will find the road that goes to Marquesa Beach, we will pass over a bridge that crosses the canal and will pedal parallel to it.

This guided tour takes place on autumn, winter and spring. Throughout our route we will be able to enjoy a large number of rice fields, that make up a very different landscape on each of the four seasons, determining the fauna that approaches depending on the crop phase.
On early autumn the rice fields meet their ripe and yellowish crop. In the months of October and November, when the rice is already harvested and the fields are flooded, these are inhabited by thousands of aquatic birds that are migrating or beggining their hibernation. At early spring, the fields are flooded and form a unique and surprising picture. The arrival of this season brings an outburst of life at the Ebro Delta; aquatic birds arrive to begin their nesting, it is wildlife breeding season.

After learning about the peculiarities of this type of farming for which we are so well known here, we will finish our tour at Riu a l’Ebre facilities.


Tour times and prices

Trips every Saturday on autumn, winter and spring, at 10:00 h.
approximately 3 to 3 and a half hours


  • Adults 35 €
  • Children (from 10 to 12 years old) 25 €

The online booking process can be done with a minimum of 48 hours.
If you are a group ask for an estimate (minimum 15 people) or call as at +34 600 471 078.


Our tips for you to enjoy your bicycle route: first of all, comfort, both in clothing and footwear. Must carry sun protection for your skin and a cap, and do not forget the mosquitoes repellent on summer (especially at sunrise and sunset). And last, but not least, you must keep yourself hydrated during the activity (we highly recommend taking water with you).

Terms and conditions

  • Minors must be accompanied by an adult; and children under 14 must use a safety helmet.
  • Traffic rules and regulations must be complied at all times.
  • The user is responsible for the bicycle until it is returned to our facilities. In case of abandonment or loss, there will be a charge of 170 €.
  • Riu a l’Ebre is not responsible for any potential consequences due to breach of these terms and conditions by client..

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Helmet hire
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