Mussels route with kayak


The route runs on the stunning Fangar Bay, among the structures that support the litter of these small bivalves. It includes a mussel taste, companion guide, kayak rental, oars and life jacket…

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Kayak route with accompanying guide

The meeting point is located on our facilities in Magallanes street, 22 Deltebre, from where we head towards Illa de Mar Port.

The route runs in the impressive Bay Fangar, in the structures that support the offspring of these small bivalves.

The origin of this bay dates back to the 18th century, highlighting the importance of the fresh water contribution from the canals which together with the salt and the nutrients provided by both, provide a special unique taste to the shellfish grown here.

From our kayak route we can see the peculiar Fangar, known by the locals as “Faroleta“, which continues to operate today to indicate the proximity of the Fangar. We take this opportunity to take a dip in the bay and cool off.

No less important are the aquatic birds living in the bay: herons, flamingos, ducks or coots.

The route is not recommended for children under 10 years old.

Departures on Thursdays from 15 from July to 15 September at 10:00h.
Mussels Route (approximately between 3 to 3 and half hours)


  • Adults 30 €
  • Children (From 5 to 12 years old) 25 €

It includes a mussel taste, companion guide, kayak rental, oars and life jacket.

If you need a dry area to deposit personal items you can rent a waterproof canister. And if you take your mobile do not forget to bring a waterproof case.

The online reservation process can be performed with minimum 48 hours. If you want to book for an earlier date call directly at +34 600 471 078.
If you come in group request your budget (Minimum 15 persons or more)