Embrace the Delta Tour


An excursion to enjoy remote places. We will go to the only place where you can still seafood and we can participate in this art …

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Guided tour by car

This route allows us to discover the most magical natural environments of the left hemidelta part. We will go to the shellfishing port of Illa de Mar, an ancient port with more than a century of tradition that is situated within the Bay of the Fangar. From that point we will enjoy a beautiful panorama of 360º in which we can see the green filter lagoon, the fishing village of l'Ampolla, the mussel farms in the middle of the bay and the red and white lighthouse of the dunar Fangar peninsula.

We'll discover the most traditional tools and boats that have been used and are still used in this port and the whole process for the cultivation of mussels and oysters.

With our binoculars we'll observe the native fauna resting quietly in these waters, and hopefully we will have the chance to see the star protagonist of this Biosphere Reserve, the flamingo.

We will have also the opportunity to discover the point where the Ebro finally embraces the Mediterranean Sea, a place that houses around a great natural richness and landscape. From the highest viewpoint of the entire Delta, known locally as "ziggurat" we'll contemplate the different ecosystems that characterize the park.

The river mouth, flanked at his final stretch by two beautiful islands; Buda and Sant Antoni and also by a newly formed lagoon; the Garxal, will show us its most serious environmental problem today, the regression.

Throughout our route we'll enjoy lots of rice paddies, different along the four seasons, and learn about the peculiarities of this crop for which the Delta is so well-known.

Departures from Monday to Friday at 10:00 h and Saturdays at 15:00 h. Not available on Sundays or holidays.
If you prefer another schedule, contact us to organize and help us adapt to your needs.
Duration between 3 to 4 hours.

RATES (minimum 2 persons or more)

  • Adults 35 €
  • Children (From 5 to 12 years old) 30 €

The online reservation process can be performed with minimum 48 hours. If you want to book for an earlier date call directly at +34 600 471 078.