The winter sun in the Ebro Delta

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We understand winter as a sad season, melancholic and cold, but we do not know the wonders that can be hidden in the middle of those four months. We are in the south of Catalonia in the middle of a natural paradise called Ebro Delta.

Embraced by the Mediterranean we have a privileged meteorology most of the year, That is why on the gray days we manage to capture beautiful details of our environment because its beauty does not only depend on the sky. Muddy fields with that characteristic smell of humidity, the sinuosity of the water paths that intermingle in the mud, the reflections of the sky and the mountains, the huge amount of birds that live in the different ecosystems, the impressive polychromy of the sunsets, tranquility and solitude in all spaces and roads…

We could give you many reasons to do ecotourism in this area during the cold months, but perhaps the most powerful reason is that thanks to the calm that reigns in the shorter days, any visitor can soak up the purest essence of our land body and soul. Here play a very important role senses, because with them you can capture the details that you will keep in your memory every time you talk about the Delta. The flapping of birds when they take flight, the characteristic sound of flamingos, the odor the salt, the sun saying goodbye to the mountains, the fish jumping in the river, the cold sun on your face, the autumnal hues of the riverside forest, the silence. In this territory there is magic hidden in every corner and it is seen more often when everything is calm..

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