Island Buda and Sant Antoni

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Known as the largest island of Catalonia, Buddha is preserved wild and mysterious in the last part of the Delta de l'Ebro, along with its neighboring Sant Antoni. Both have a recent training, Buddha is estimated that developed between 1750 and 1850 Sant Antoni but it is the youngest since most has been formed in the past 60 years old.

They are sea and river islands formed from the pellets by falling Ebro, and now they are disappearing due to regression problems. Sant Antoni, It has 170ha and is situated on the easternmost end of the Delta, embraced the Mediterranean Sea and separated only by the gola Buddha north, which it was the old mouth of the river before training.

Buddha 1.092 he has, It is surrounded by the same gola gola north and the west of Migjorn, another old mouth which is an area of ​​great interest because of its calm waters bordering this beautiful island and end up in a very natural beach next to the lagoon of l'Alfacada.

The two islands are part of the Natural Park although they have restricted access, Buda is accessible only one day a year, specifically in late June when the town of Sant Jaume organizes the festival of Sant Pere.

As regards ecosystems, Sant Antoni is an important refuge for many species of protected birds especially in times pre and post nuptial migration but also in. It encompassing different habitats of Community interest such as coastal lagoons and coastal planes which in turn are home to outstanding very representative plant species of the territory.

On the other hand, Buddha also known for its rich ecosystem, especially in its large inland lagoons known as "Calaixos". We could say that the island contains all purely deltaic environments and landscapes both flora and fauna. Rice is cultivated with his own personal brand and is inhabited by wild horses from the French region of Camargue, If you are lucky you can see them freely stroll along the bank of the Gola de Migjorn.

The island had an important and majestic lighthouse that today is 4km into the sea. These two natural wonders can be seen from the highest viewpoint Delta situated near the mouth and popularly known as "The Ziggurat".


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