Isla de Gracia and Sapiña Island

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The grace island, the second largest in the Delta after Buddha, It is a surface 130 hectares devoted to farming, mostly citrus. It is private property although that does not prevent us from exploring its contours and enjoying its riverside forest full of wild flora and fauna.

On its right side we find the picturesque town of Balada, the smallest population in the territory that shelters a monumental tree known as “El baladre”. If you are lucky and visit the area
during some season sediment falls down the river, you can enjoy the exclusive mini beach that forms in a corner of the island, being a mandatory stop when we start our kayak routes.

To some 4 km approximately we have the populations of Deltebre and Sant Jaume d’Enveja, and there we can enjoy a privileged view of the island if we climb the famous bridge "lo Passador". If we go up the river and
we go to the town of Amposta, about 5 km following the riverside forest we come across Sapiña, another charming small river island, covers less than 7 hectares but it has a purely deltaic character.

It has a great biological richness since it has become an important bird sleeper in cold seasons, highlighting species such as the common heron, gray heron, imperial and cormorants. The calm waters and natural environment that characterizes this last stretch of the Ebro makes it ideal for sailing and enjoying the great biodiversity that the area houses.. Another excellent option to observe the islands is through the Sirga Trail, converted and adapted as a bike path that runs parallel to the right side of the river.