Kayak in the Ebro

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The Ebro river, He is known as the largest river in the Iberian Peninsula, He finishes his last kilometers in a natural paradise we know as the Delta del Ebro, where surfing kayak route It is a pleasure for the senses.

It is a small but very significant ground, shaped arrowhead enters 25 km Mediterranean Sea, into which our main character, the Ebro.

It is a completely flat and very wild, one of the best ways to find out is doing sports, or traveling by bicycle all paths between rice paddies and surrounding lagoons, as well as browsing kayak route the majestic Ebro and its coastal bays.

The river creates and retains a peculiar ecosystem throughout their tour of the area, we call riparian forest and home to many native species such as poplars, olmos, fresnos, white hair, reed, lilies, Ducks, coots, nightingales and egrets among many others.

In its deep waters we can also find several species known as eel, angular, barbel and carp, without forgetting the small amphibians and reptiles.

Do kayaking on the Ebro It is an excellent way to understand and enjoy the land and all the biodiversity that characterizes. A part, many of the people who practice it considers the kayak route It provides many health benefits, both physical and mental, since it is an outdoor activity that lets you connect with nature while your body is active.


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