Guided kayak route along the Ebro River.
Stage 2: Tortosa – Amposta

Our meeting point will be at the shipper of Amposta. From there we will go to the town of Tortosa about twenty minutes by car where we will start our route.

We will start our route at the nautical embarkation of Tortosa. Once in the kayak, At the stroke of a paddle we will discover a dense landscape of riverside forest where there is a large amount of fauna that we can observe if we are stealthy enough. We will go through the island of oxen, a small patch of land teeming with vegetation and animal life, guarded by wild bulls living in freedom.

Later we will see the panoramic view of two towers that are located one on each side of the river, the of Campredó to our left and that of the cart on the right. The towers were built for defensive reasons and are part of the network of watchtowers scattered along the Ebro., built by Muslims and reinforced in Christian times. Despite not knowing exactly its year of construction, it is pointed out that it could be at least at the end of the XIII century.

We approach Amposta, which welcomes us with its old river façade and its majestic suspension bridge inspired by Brooklyn. Once we passed under, we will progressively approach to the right to exit through the jetty where there is a ramp.

The route requires minimum ability and good shape, and has an average duration between 3 - 3:30 hours. It ends at the Amposta pier.

Departures at 10:00 h. Book a day through the form. Activity not available between 15 July and 15 of September. minimum 6 people.
Tortosa route – Amposta (Approximate duration of two to two and a half hours)


  • Adults 35 €

Rental includes oars, life jacket, civil liability insurance and road assistance, as well as our staff expert advice.

If you need a dry area to deposit personal items, waterproof containers are available for rent.. Should you wish to take your mobile with you, do not forget to buy your waterproof case.

The online booking process can be done with a minimum of 48 hours. Should you wish to book for an earlier date please call us at +34 600 471 078.

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    Except from 15 June to 15 of September

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