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I'm the only road infrastructure that directly connects the two towns located at the same center Ebro Delta, Also joining two regions: Lower Ebre and Montsià. Inevitably I have become the most important nexus of the territory and, surely, You have heard of me with the name of "Passador".

They began to build me the year 2008 and I was inaugurad two years later. Des my inauguration, residents and visitors to the area, I consider it a symbol and an emblem.

My name is a tribute to the ancient craft pin, as the historical barrier that separated the two sides of the river could only be solved with ferries payment, such as the passage of the boat Cava, passing boat Olmos or Buda Island.

There was also passing boat Garriga, linking Sant Jaume d'Enveja and Deltebre. It was the last stop functioning and is currently located in the same place but worked out of water, next to the river. It is easily accessible by bike path that runs the ride.

This river transport served without interruption since the year 1849 and along the Delta had more than five. They made eight trips up in one hour and loading different types of vehicles, machinery to work the rice but mostly carrying people.

I am a prominent point of interest in Natural Park itineraries Ebro Delta, such as tow path that reaches Amposta or, to the contrary, to the beach of Migjorn.

I have two lanes for cars, one for each direction. I give the same space for cars than for people and bicycles, so they can move from side to side of the river a pleasant and safe, providing magnificent views, some explanatory panels i some benches to rest.

I recommend you stop when you reach my top to rest a bit because I'm a very steep bridge 19,3 meters high, pass allowing larger ships below mine. You will realize that rest is the best thing to do because ye had you can enjoy the images that you provide height: of the Gracia Island to the onward journey of the river until it embraces the Mediterranean.

Text Erika Valero
Photography Ramon Calduch


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