Our sustainable proposal

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What is the most sustainable way, healthy and dynamic to visit the Delta? We have no doubts in our company ... The bicycle!

Protagonist in our services and day by day, this means of transport was the most widespread and popular in the area at the beginning of the 20th century. Today, it is still used by many people to circulate through urban centers. But ... what is the least visible part of this vehicle? The waste that generate their repairs.

We will mainly focus on one, that we could consider the most complex to recycle and the most polluting at an environmental level. The Rubber of the air chambers, located on the wheels. It is the repair that we most commonly find.

we enter our work, that's why we decided to put our heads to think what we could do with all those cameras that we accumulated every season. The boss found a, very consistent with everything we offer and with our values. What if we make a bag that can be hung on the bicycle to carry the belongings? It seems simple, but it is more complex than you can imagine. Devising a simple style, unisex and practical we contacted a local designer to translate into reality what we had in mind, there it is!

The BagBike He is already in physical shape and it is not for throwing us flowers but ... it has turned out very very well. We were so satisfied and so sure of the positive impact it could cause that we decided to take it forward and present it to nothing more and nothing less than Cartanyà Award 2021. Do you know the best? What has been the winner of the innovative and creative proposal category that contributes to sustainable tourism development! This recognition is a great impulse to continue improving and enhancing our project, which you can already see or acquire in Our facilities and in our Online store. We want to thank all the people who have participated directly and indirectly. You have all helped and encouraged us to create this challenge that contributes to circular economy and our planet. We continue!