Our company assumes a firm commitment to risk management, implementing concrete measures to reduce the possible contagion by Covid-19. It is essential that customers collaborate and assume these protocols. Non-acceptance of the procedures will mean the interruption of the right to receive the service.

The purchasing process of our activities and Customer Support, will be carried out so telematics or telephone whenever possible, through our website and the customer service phone +34 600 471 078.

It will be recommended that combined bike routes to minimize the use of collective vehicles. In case of using a private transport provider, The company will request from the same the guarantees of the applicable protocol to guarantee protection against coronavirus. When it is the same company that does the private transport with its own vehicles (travel to the start and return of the activity), the measures dictated by the competent authorities will be complied with. The wearing a mask that covers the nose and mouth and customers must bring their own masks. The vehicle will be disinfected after each service and will have the hydroalcoholic gel for hands and plastic bags to put the backpacks. We will limit the number of participants based on the indications given by the Government.

The company will coordinate with other active tourism and ecotourism companies to avoid crowds, and with the competent authorities for the orderly and safe use of public spaces.

At the time of start and briefing of the activity it is essential to respect the 2m distance between clients and workers, everyone will wear the mask. Greeting or interaction with physical contact will be avoided at all times.

During the activity you will avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth, and also share electronic devices, sun creams, clothing, food, etc. No type of garbage can be left to the natural environment. The mask should be worn whenever the safety distance cannot be guaranteed.

At the end of the activity, Personal contact will be avoided at farewells and the company will carry out a cleaning and disinfection plan for all material and means of transport used during the activity. The cleaning products used are authorized and registered by the Ministry of Health.

In case the staff or a client begins to have symptomalogy compatible with disease, I know will communicate immediately to the head of the company. Remember that the most common symptoms are: fever, fatigue, dry cough.

The company will proceed to adopt the Measures to safeguard the rest of the participants by applying a action protocol for people who have had contact and increasing distances and prevention measures.