Route of the Mussel

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Knowing the local cuisine of a place is a great way to deepen their culture.
In the Delta we want to share our food culture in a different way, traveler showing the process by which a product passes from the root.

Knowing a local product in this way makes you enjoy differently when served in a restaurant, and your knowledge of what you are eating is greater.

One of the flagship products and for which he is best known Ebro Delta is for seafood, highlighting species such as mussels (locally known as "musclo") and oyster.

That is why, Riu a l'Ebre we have proposed a route that combines sport and gastronomy, because kayaking visit one of the most important nurseries of mussels and oysters territory.

We know firsthand the art of marisquear, the work performed by mariscadores, We observe the wildlife that inhabits this bay, and hopefully we will have the pleasure of watching flamingos as they often visit this area often.
The route takes in the Bay of Fangar in the left hemisphere of the Delta, specifically under the Fangar Peninsula where he is the famous red and white lighthouse.

They will be a total of 4 hours approximately, among which a small picnic will be held to gain power and keep rowing.


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