Bike trails with children

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Do you have a baby or a child and want to make a bike tour by the Delta del Ebro?

We help to dispel doubts. From the 9 months and even 5 years approximately, the best way to ride out with them is using an adapted chair that attaches to the rear of the bicycle.

The chairs allow a maximum weight of 22 kilos and is mandatory helmet use for kids.

It is very common for the child to sleep during the journey. If you have never used this transport system are often reluctant to get seated and placed helmets, but once past the first few minutes adapt and enjoy the experience.

As for routes, It depends on whether the child are used to traveling by bike, but always we suggest routes using only bike path, to ensure the safety of all members and tranquility for greater enjoyment.

Children start cycling around 5 years old, We encourage all parents to encourage learning bike handling, family to enjoy nature and sport.


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