Tempests that change the landscape

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During the first weeks of the 2020 we are being as well known as we had always desired, pity is the cause of this echo because it's the last thing we wanted to happen in our territory.

The Delta has long since too often lives with salt water, not only by the erosion of the sea but also by their own tears seeing as nothing is done while he disappears. How pretty and beautiful is for everyone, both for those who come to visit and those who live here all year. It really is, largely because of its fragility and its natural and wild state , features that fully play against in this game we have against climate change. Kilometers of land and natural environments have been lost like the punta del Fangar and the Trabucador among others, thousands of hectares of rice fields have been salinized and many mussels growers have been destroyed. We can not ignore the serious damage that we have suffered during these days that Gloria has been here, but we can not ignore that no harm is big enough to make us take a step back. We are part of the territory and we work thanks to him, So, these misfortunes reinforce our feeling and commitment to care and help as much as possible everything back into place.

It might not return the same way it was, but we have no doubt that it will be reborn to continue planting himself face to the sea again. Nothing happened is punctual, it is a battle within this big war that nature is suffering worldwide. Nature speaks, and it has been telling us for a long time that things are not being done well, the biggest problem is that we do not listen enough, we only hear background. How many misfortunes like this do we need to open our eyes and start focusing on solving and taking care of really important things?